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The Spectra Group consists of 4 companies: Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology, Spectra Metal Cutting Fluids & Lubricants, Spectra Mapal and Spectra Properties. The group was founded with the launch of Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology (Pty) Ltd., as sole distributors within Southern Africa.

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Spectra Metal Cutting Fluids & Lubricants

  • A complete range of metal working fluids including everything from neat oils to fully synthetic lubricants.
  • Enhanced fluid life and performance results in significant total cost reduction and reduced tool wear.
  • The highest health and safety standards with a strong focus on the environment.
  • Continued service and advice offered by our technically qualified sales team.
  • Many more benefits so do not hesitate to contact Spectra for more information.

Spectra Metal Cutting Fluids & Lubricants has been appointed as sole CIMCOOL, OEST and Schnell Teknik Skimmers distributor for the Southern African market.

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Spectra Mapal Tool Manufacture & Service Centre

The Spectra Mapal Grinding Facility is situated as a free standing workshop in Atlantis Industria in the Western Cape approximately 45km from Cape Town city centre. Factory and office space are 466m2 located within a secured business park. The factory facility is fitted with the latest CNC. type grinding and measuring machines, capable of regrinding 90% of the Drills, reamers, taps, etc. required within the South African Automotive industry and associated metal removal manufacturers. Spectra Mapal have the added capabilities to manufacture certain types of tools as new from blanks purchased and supplied for such purpose.

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