Spectra covers a wide variety of industries to satify our customers' manufacturing needs:

Aircraft & Aerospace

Spectra is committed to reducing risks and costs in the manufacture of aerospace and Aircraft programs.

Spectra together with our partners work with our customers to implement solutions with minimum cost per part and high repeatability in mind. Spectra has unique capabilities and resources to cover the total manufacturing. Here you will find a selection of our technologies and services that are used today by our customers to deliver cost reduction and cycle time reduction. Read more >>



Spectra’s global reach has helped our customers standardize processes and products to improve both cost and quality.

Spectra offer an understanding of the automotive value chain and unparralled custom solutions tailored to your need. We can deliver superior value by listening closely and innovating based on what our customers say. Our goal is to help you be more competitive, at home and on a global scale. Read more >>


Die & Mould

The exact specifications of the Die and Mould industry requires specialized Tungsten Carbide tools.

Spectra can help design and manufacture custom tooling, from EDM blocks to preforms to finish ground tools. Spectra Profile Milling tools represent the latest in profile and contour milling technology. Resulting in shorter machining and lead times, higher machining accuracy and true contouring results, Spectra Die and Mould profile tools are designed for conventional profile machining, high speed- and hard milling with modern machine tools and methods.

Spectra products include carbide inserts, carbide solids, tool holders, carbide button cutters, high feed machining. Read more >>



At Spectra we can also proudly boast ”green” credentials.

Having “got wind” of certain fastener requirements by a major eco player in the Energy sector, our tooling is used extensively to produce wind turbine blades that are beginning to appear on hillsides in ever increasing numbers around the countryside and coastal areas.

We are always researching and seeking out new opportunities and ventures with a working ethos to ensure we fully appreciate and understand the customer requirements with a view to not only satisfying them but also to exceeding them. Read more >>


General & Heavy Engineering

Spectra gives machining that multi-tasks.

Universal tools for a range of materials. Fewer changes. Factor in the time spent on adapting set-ups for different materials and your total costs quickly escalate. Higher quality, more universally applicable tools offer substantial savings. But that’s just one aspect of optimization in machining.

We are experts in productivity, whether it’s finding the right universal tool or devising a unique solution better suited to specific purposes. Spectra knows machining and can help you formulate the strategies that keep you not only up and running, but optimized.  Read more >>



Railway wheels endure high stress and some of the toughest operating conditions in the world.

All around the world, the requirements for the transportation of people and goods are increasing, which is turning the railway industry into an important market for the future. Railway infrastructure is already one of the deciding factors in the economic success of a region. In the process, the railway industry must deal with the growing demands for mobility and flexibility and meet the challenges set by raw material shortages and environmental protection considerations.

Let our Spectra experts work with you to develop a standard and turnkey solution that deliver the quality and productivity you deserve. Read more >>

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