Walter's TigerTec® Silver ISO P Generation

Published June 25, 2011 09:00

“TigerTec® Silver technology can now also demonstrate its strengths during turning. A new generation of indexable inserts for steel chip removal during ISO turning was on display with the TigerTec® Silver ISO P generation for the first time at EMO 2011. This can give you an increase in output of up to 75p/cent, claims Walter.

The new type of TigerTec® Silver high performance cutting material, which was first marketed in 2009, combines high wear resistance with toughness to bring together two basically contrasting cutting material properties in a single indexable insert. The toughness of TigerTec® Silver is a unique selling point among CVD cutting tool materials. This is due to a new technology, which consists of pre-treatment, coating with a new type of micro-structured aluminium oxide and post-treatment.

There is usually a two-fold increase in the tool life of TigerTec® Silver inserts and this is consistent from one insert to the next. Walter has now combined this unique CVD coating technology with an equally newly developed, universal geometry family for steel chip removal. The new generation of indexable insert for steel turning comprises the three grades WPP10S (ISO P10), WPP20S (ISO P20) and WPP30S (ISO P30). Its distinct properties of war resistance and toughness make it suitable for a range of machining tasks.

The four new ISO geometries FP5, MP3, MP5 and RP5 all feature large, universal chip breakage areas, which increase the inserts’ performance. The four geometries complement each another perfectly. Compared to current geometries, their area of application is increased by 20 – 40%, so the complete area of application for steel chip removal can be covered by just four geometries.

Higher and more consistent tool life, quicker cutting speeds, simplified chip removal and high accuracy, increased process reliability and machine availability give an increase in productivity of up to 100% when turning steel.

The TigerTec® Silver high performance cutting material has also broken a new ground during milling too. The universal WKP35S grade is joined by WKP25S, a grade mainly used for roughing steel and cast iron. These indexable inserts are characterized by high cutting speeds with average feed rates and versatility of use, including for wet machining, high tensile strength or severely interrupted cuts.

They are available for all of the popular tools from the XtraTec® range. Increases in productivity of up to 100% can be achieved here too. For further details contact Spectra Carbide Tooling Technology…”

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