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Walter Tools:

"Delivering excellent tools at the right time and place once defined best practice. Now simple is everything. Worldwide, industries are letting go of multiple suppliers who do one thing well and opting for single suppliers with comprehensive product portfolios. Today, adding value with the right solution for specific production requirements delivers competitive edge." Click here to visit the Walter website.




"We have been producing and marketing innovative deep hole drilling tools and also carbide tipped cutting tools since 1974. As an internationally oriented family business, we gear ourselves to the demands of a constantly changing worldwide market. We actively create market changes and offer our customers innovative solutions in order to constantly further develop our company and to safeguard our long term success, whilst providing our employees with attractive working conditions." Click here to visit the Botek website.




"The poliangolar was developed by Mr. Paolo Bremi in a Milan machine shop in 1965. Mr. Bremi had been searching for a tool that would enable him to drill holes in a fast and innovative way for the customers of his machine shop. In fact until then, the production of square and hexagonal holes was a very difficult, expensive and imprecise process. The invention of the poliangolar was immediately appreciated by those in precision engineering as it proved to be very efficient in its task. After being patented, it was immediately sold to many tooling and turning shops, shipyards, goldsmiths and to many laboratories that needed to drill special shapes with high precision. By 1970 poliangolar attachments and tools were being used as far a field Japan. To this day thousands of attachments have been sold, used by both small and large companies. The poliangolar Srl, is an italian company that makes and sells poliangolar attachments and tools and polikey attachments (for slotting). It is situated near Milan and it is now owned by Sergio Bremi." Click here to visit the Poliangolar website.




"MAPAL is today the major specialist worldwide for individual machining solutions with the highest precision and cost-effectiveness. We concentrate on the complete bore machining and on demanding milling and turning operations using PCD and PcBN tools. In close co-operation with our customers, perfect results are produced from innovative first class technology, comprehensive services and unique application know-how." Click here to visit the Mapal website.


Karl Hermann Medium

  Karl Hermann GMBHIBH:

"Is a German manufacturer of precision toolholders and accessories. They have been manufacturing and supplying the market since 1946. The range consists of steep taper adaptors, BT & SK, HSK, Hydraulic adaptors, Collet chucks, VDI holders, Pull Studs, Hydraulic vices and accessories. All products are manufactured from a quantified alloyed case hardening steel with a tensile strength of 800 N/mm². KFH's hardening quality management ensures that heat treatment specifications are maintained, typically hardened to a minimum of 630 HV (Vickers) / 56 HRc .All "essential" features ( tapers, bores etc.) are precision ground. KFH manufactures the SK-tapers more precisely than AT3 specification: Tool holders featured with standard grade of balance to G6,3 12.000 rpm (pre-balanced), Special grade balancing to ( higher speed or G2,5 )" Click here to visit the Karl Hermann website.


Hold Well Medium

Hold Well:

"Hold Well is one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan for Accessories of Machine Center, Turning Center, Milling Machine, Grinding Machine with high technical productivity and more than 25 years experience in world market. Their latest main products include: Angle Head (Angular Head, Angle Adjustable Angle Head, Aluninum Angle Head, Heavy Duty Angle Head), VDI / BMT Driven Tool Holder (Axial, Radial, Offset, Tapping, Angle Adjustable, Radial Swivel Gear Hobber) with various system, Hydraulic Vise, MC Power Vise, and so on."  Click here to visit the Holdwell website.


Dormer Pramet Large

Dormer Pramet:

"With a combined history of more than 150 years, Dormer Pramet is the result of a merger between rotary tooling manufacturer Dormer Tools and indexable specialist Pramet Tools. The strengths of both brands were brought together in 2014 under the Dormer Pramet name, creating a single platform that gives customers access to a wide range of high quality, fit-for-purpose tools combined with easily accessible services to help customers run their operations smoothly. Our core product program is built around a range of tools designed for the general machining industry and encompasses both indexable and rotary drilling, milling, threading and turning tools." Click here to visit the Dormer Pramet website.


Norton Large


"The only international manufacturer of abrasives that manufactures each of the 3 major types of abrasives; Bonded Abrasives (resinoid and vitrified), Coated Abrasives, and Diamond products. This is supported by exceptional technology, complete and innovative product lines, an irrefutable reputation for quality and safety, and experienced, committed, passionate people." Click here to visit the Norton website.


Gesac Agency

Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co.,Ltd (GESAC):

"Xiamen Golden Egret Special Alloy Co.,Ltd (GESAC) was found in 1989, is one Sino-foreign joint venture company of the core subsidiary corporations of the listed state-own Xiamen Tungsten Group. GESAC is specialized in the manufacture and sale of various kinds of tungsten powder, cemented carbide and cutting tools. Today, as the world largest tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder supplier and exporter, GESAC is also a major manufacturer of premium cemented carbide and cutting tools in the world. The company keeps pursing of excellence with its creative employees, advanced technologies, manufacturing equipment and testing facilities. Expanded by its quality products and supplier service, the “Golden Egret” has become one of the market leading brands and is doing business in more than 40 countries and regions." Click here to visit the GESAC website.


Tesa Logo

TESA Technology:

“Established in 1941 and headquartered in Renens, Switzerland, TESA SA manufactures and markets precision measuring instruments that stand for quality, reliability and longevity. For more than 75 years, TESA has distinguished itself in the market through its excellent products, its unique expertise in micro-mechanics and precision machining as well as its proven experience in dimensional metrology. The TESA brand is the global market leader in the field of height gauges and a pioneer thanks to its wide range of instruments, including calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, lever-type dial test indicators and inductive probes. TESA is a true benchmark for the inspection of incoming goods, as well as for production workshops and quality assurance laboratories. Through its worldwide distribution network, the company focuses on the mechanical engineering, micro-mechanical, automotive, aerospace, watchmaking and medical industries. In 2001, TESA became part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of information technologies.” Click here to visit the TESA Technology website.




"Posithread was established in 1986 to manufacture and grind carbide inserts specifically for the threading market. They utilise the unique technology in the manufacture of formed Electro Plated Diamond Wheels, allowing them the flexibility to mass produce standard and bespoke threading inserts within fine tolerances. Over the last ten years Posithread has expanded, introducing new threading product lines and now incorporates the manufacture of Oilfield Premium Threads under License to: VAM, JFE, TENARIS, NIPPON STEEL. Their inserts are designed and manufactured on site by a staff of highly trained grinding technicians, utilising state-of-the-art 5 axis profile grinders as well as creep feed technology, and 25 years of amassed Profile Grinding techniques. Their threading knowledge pooled together over a quarter of a century of production is now second to none, moving Posithread into new areas of the Global Market. Their manufacturing expertise and the support given by our Global Sales Team has become a winning combination for our world wide customer base. Posithread are the “Specials Specialists” and are ready to take on the challenge of solving your threading application problems with optimal solutions." Click here to visit the Posithread website.


Akon Logo

As a manufacturer of holders for dies and taps Akon Werkzeuge provide a large range of high quality products.
Their products include: Holders for dies and taps, DIN certified, mandrels with adjustable torque coupling, short workpiece holders with 1/2 inch square drive for male thread, Accessories and spare parts for all kind of holders.
The advantages of their products are a time- and cost-saving production and an accelerated manufacturing process. Click here to visit the Akon Werkzeuge's website.

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