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Our Operations

Tool Management.

Spectra Have Tool Management Systems Running To Various Levels Of Involvement Within South Africa.

From a basic Spectra consignment stock system on customer site (level 1) to a full on site operation requiring Spectra staff permanently stationed on customer premises, responsible for purchasing, issuing, controlling, and storing all tooling including cleaning, re-working and presetting of all new and used tools, this system has the ability to issue cost per component, supported with suitably qualified technical personnel on site (level 2-5). Level 1 – no management fee, levels 2 – 5 involves nominal Tool Management fee depending on customer requirements – various packages to suit varying customer needs.

A Typical Spectra Level 4 Operation Showing Duties Carried Out ...

  • Spectra team permanently stationed on customer premises.
  • Spectra’s fully computerized store inventory system.
  • Purchasing of all tooling spindle to point.
  • Control of all new stock and used tools.
  • Negotiating and dealing fairly with tier 2 suppliers.
  • Presetting of tools ready for production.
  • Collecting and delivering tools to and from the machines.
  • Stores and technical support 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
  • Consolidation of invoices – one invoice per month.
  • Technical assistance for all tooling drilling, tapping, milling, boring, gundrilling, honing and line boring on CNC and conventional machines.
  • Presenting all supporting documentation eg cost per unit graphs monthly, daily incident reports on tool breakage, weekly cost on scrap tools, action plans to reduce scrap and improve up time of the machines.
  • Monitoring and controlling of all rework (eg. re-grinding).

Tool Management Levels:

Level 1:

  • Tool supply:
    (various suppliers – level 1)
    (Spectra sole supplier – level 2-5)
  • Consignment stock on customer site


Level 2:

  • Tool Management fee applicable
  • Issue actual cost/comp figures & graphs
  • Access to local Tool Management support team

Level 3:

  • Support team equipped with computers, phone, fax, photocopy equipment etc. on site
  • All purchasing of tools spindle to point
  • Setting up & liaising with 2nd tier suppliers
  • All storing & issuing new stock
  • Recording data
  • Problem solving
  • Storage & issuing all reworked tooling: Not responsible for physical rework at level 3
  • Responsible for physical rework from level 4-5

Level 4:

  • Control all aspects of re-grinding or reworking of used tooling
  • Collect & delivery of new & used tooling to & from production area
  • Presetting all tools


Level 5:

  • Customer pays per finished workpiece machined regardless of tooling used

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