NF – Wiper Insert





NS6 – for Semi-finishing

Finishing for Negative Turning

NF – Wiper Insert Finishing with wiper technology High surface quality High feed rates Applications: Steel** | Stainless Steel** | Cast Iron** | Difficult-to-machine materials* FP5 Finishing of steel materials Can also be used in semi-finishing as an alternative to the MP3 Curved cutting edge for low cutting forces Applications: Steel** NF3 Finishing steel materials Finishing cast iron workpieces with WPP01 Can also be used in semi-finishing area Applications: Steel** | Cast Iron* NFT Finishing titanium materials Sharp, fully ground circumference cutting edge, first choice 100° corner with roughing geometry implemented with CNMG basic shape Applications: Stainless Steel* | Non-ferrous* | Difficult-to-machine materials** NF4 Finishing stainless materials Finishing alloys with difficult cutting properties Finishing long-chipping steel materials Curved cutting edge for cutting pressure reduction Applications: Steel* | Stainless Steel** | Difficult-to-machine materials** NS6 – for Semi-finishing Machining of free cutting steel materials with low-pressure cut Machining long, small diameter shafts Low cutting forces Applications: Steel**

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